10 Steps To Building More Confidence

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“Confident people do not concentrate on their weaknesses; they develop and maximize their strengths.” – Joyce Meyer

Building confidence can be easily attainable when you have the proper tools.

After all, having self confidence is vital in gaining access to who we are truly meant to be.

But it is understood that not everyone truly feels confident.

Now, there are various reasons why we may lack having more self esteem.  Each one of us has our own story as to how we’ve arrived in a position of not owning our confidence and at some point, we’d like to find the road map to having more.

These confidence boosting activities are sure to help enhance your life and help you build more confidence.

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1. Fly Solo

The thing that you want to achieve may not include your best friend or someone else that you know. 

Know that you can go after your desires alone and that you don’t need other people to do them with you.

Try doing an activity that you’ve never done alone such as taking in a movie or going out to dinner.

These confidence boosting activities are sure to help enhance your life and help you build more confidence.

2. Explore New Things

Being closed minded will keep you in the same circles that you been twirling in.  And how can you be better if you are not willing to learn something new?

Explore things that you know little about and be open to gaining a better understanding of them.  Trying a new cuisine or going to a baseball game when you’ve never been is a great way to grow.

Being open can be a great steppingstone into bigger and better obstacles when they arise.

3. Don’t Be Defined by Others

Having confidence has a lot do with being exactly who you are without needing a co signature from anyone else.

In other words, waiting on someone else’s approval of your actions in order to feel more confident in what you are doing. 

Instead, take control of your own journey.

Giving others this type of power over you can lead you down a road that you never even wished to travel.

4. Care Less of What People Think of You

The truth is, you can do everything that you think others will like and still be criticized.

People are going to think and say what they will about you, regardless.

The important takeaway here is to not allow the opinions of others sway your decisions or lower your self-esteem. 

Feeling concerned about what others may think does nothing positive in your life and is time and energy well wasted.

So, don’t sweat it and stand firm in who you are.

5. Be Open to Criticism

Do you hate to be criticized?

A common reaction to criticism is to become defensive and closed minded.  You may even become argumentative if you’re being told that you were wrong in a certain situation.

It’s usually not a good feeling and can cause friction in your relationship with the person who is relaying this message.

However, being open to criticism and admitting to not making the best choices is a mature move in expanding self-confidence.

Besides, outside judgement gives you the opportunity to look at yourself from a different point of view.

Part of being confident is being able to admit where your weaknesses are and be willing to learn from your mistakes.

6. Be Transparent

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to share every little thing about yourself.  But be authentic about your successes as well as your failures. 

Shedding light on these aspects of yourself helps build character and displays confidence in being who you truly are. 

No one is perfect and painting a perfect picture of who you are to others is counterproductive and inauthentic.

Confidence is extremely evident in people who are real with themselves and those around them.

7. Learn Something New

Knowledge is power and mind stimulation is an instant confidence booster. 

Find time every day to learn new skills.

Doing this is easily attainable and can be done during your daily routine. An example of this might be to trade TV time for reading a book or watching a self-help video online. 

Instead of listening to music, tune in to a podcast about wealth building as you take your daily walk.

Invest in self-improvement and do it daily to expand your knowledge about things that are going to take you to a higher level in your life. 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

8. Fail Successfully

But Failing successfully means to go after what you want and if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again until it does.

You may need to change your strategy and make some minor adjustments, but you don’t give up.

In fact, don’t ever give up.

Some of the most successful people in the world were not necessarily geniuses or extremely lucky.   They were just people who tried and tried until they were successful.

Be tenacious when it comes to your desires and go after them with a vengeance.  

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  9. Affirm It

You don’t have to wait for your boss to tell you that you did a great job.  If you know you’ve put your all into a project or task, feel good about it anyway.

Confidence is a mindset.  If you tell yourself that you are confident and that you are a winner, you will begin to feel that way.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool that you can use anytime and anywhere to help put you in the right frame of mind.

It may feel silly at first but looking in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful, wonderful, and confident you are is the idea here.

Do this every single day to help position your mind.

10. Live In The Present

There is a lot to be said about living in the present and letting go of the past.  But the truth is, our past no longer exists.

It can only exist if we choose to allow it to exist.

When we hold on and blame our current situation and experiences on our past, we live and remain there.

This means that we don’t grow, and possibly miss out on things that we should be enjoying right now.

So, decide that you are no longer a victim of your past and move on. 

Letting go of grudges may be easier said than done, but it can be done.

Forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes is a healing process.

Remember, you deserve to be healed and live a happy and abundant life so take the necessary steps to enjoying the present.