8 Effortless Ways To Feel Younger

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If you are one of those people who is on a never ending cycle of feeling tired and sluggish all of the time, then you are not alone.

With hectic schedules to meet, it is very easy to get caught up in the same old unhealthy habits that we may have developed over time. 

That being said, let’s now explore some things that may help you look and feel younger.

Relax Your Mind

Take time out for you during the day.  You may feel like you’re off to the races once that alarm clock sounds in the morning. This is because it’s natural to get caught up in the monotony of life.

But unfortunately, many of us neglect to take care of our minds.

A mind that is constantly busy causes tension and tiredness in the body.   

Try setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier than your normal time. Go to a quiet area and read a good book or journal your thoughts.

Doing this can help you awaken with a positive outlook on the day.

Or better yet, step out on to the patio for a little fresh air when you have some down time.  This is very beneficial and it helps to relax and re energize.

Follow a Healthy Diet

I know you’ve heard it before, but do you really take heed to the message?  Following a healthy diet has so many benefits to feeling and looking younger.

Are you eating fruits and vegetables?

Ask yourself, “When was that last time I had a piece of fruit?”

If you can’t remember, then you probably need to change something in your diet.

There are wonderful benefits to eating raw fruits and vegetables since raw foods aid in weight loss, skin rejuvenation and an overall energy boost.  So, step away from the vending machine when you are looking for a quick snack and choose something healthy instead, your body will love you for it.

A Cup of Tea

Drink herbal tea as much as you can.  Find a brand and flavor that you really enjoy it’s good for the body and the mind. 

Some of the benefits of drinking tea include relaxation, lowering cholesterol, weight loss,  body cleansing, and over all wellness.  My favorite is green tea, because it really relaxes me after a long day.

Move That Body

(I am not a medical doctor and strongly suggest that you consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.)

Moving your body daily helps with weight management, endurance and can help you sleep better.

According to the American Heart Association, exercising 30 minutes 5 days per week is beneficial for the heart and over all wellness.

If you are not an active person, then perhaps you can start off by walking a bit each day until you work your way up to 30 minutes.

Play a Little

Dr. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D, a psychologist and co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles, CA , states that playing is a natural antidepressant.

He also states that finding ways to play can help to keep the mind more focused and productive.

So, play more for a youthful and healthy mind. 

Pump Up The Jams

Studies have shown that listening to uplifting music can elevate our moods. So, the next time you’re cleaning the house or sitting in traffic, turn off the news and turn on some of your favorite songs.

Music is a “feel good” option that can revitalize you and take you to instant euphoria in a matter of seconds, so listen favorite tunes often.

Embrace Happiness

Give yourself permission to enjoy your life.  This might mean distancing yourself from stressful situations, rearranging your relationships with others, or even changing careers.

Now, life will have its share of ups and downs; however, happiness is a choice that we should make a conscious effort to attain.

Feeling elated makes you feel younger and elevates the spirit. 

Embrace the things that bring you pure joy and do them often.

Get Your Rest

This is sometimes just not the easiest thing to do.  However, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to feel rejuvenated. 

Napping is another way to recharge your body.

Nothing is better than catching a 25 minute nap to help carry you into a late evening.  

Besides, our bodies need rest in order to function properly, so sleep and sleep well.

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