9 Foods That Can Help You Stay Beautiful

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One of the best choices for a healthy lifestyle is to follow a diet full of natural foods.

Being healthy on the inside will promote beauty on the outside.

Eating green vegetables, fruits and whole grains will help you to live the lifestyle you deserve.  However, there are certain foods that can help promote a beautiful appearance such as younger skin, longer hair and strong nails.

Eat these 9 foods and reap the benefits of looking and feeling youthful.

1. Cabbage

Cabbage is often at the top of the list in many diet plans.  This may be because it is low in calories and high in nutrients. 

It grows in various colors such as white, purple and red and is high in fiber which helps with cleansing the body.

Eating cabbage on a regular basis can help to prevent skin damage, hydrate and aid with skin problems.