5 Health Concerns Women Over 40 Should Monitor

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When it comes to health concerns, there are certain signs that women need to pay close attention.   Although we are focusing on women over 40, it is still encouraged to evaluate and monitor health changes at any age.

However, there are certain issues that are more common in women who are over the age of 40.

Keeping close tabs of the way our bodies look and feel can be vital as we get older.  These changes shouldn’t be overlooked, and should be examined by a medical professional, regularly. 

Being aware of your bodies needs and seeking treatment is essential.

1. Mole Health

Self-examination is something that should be done from time to time. 

Look over your body for any moles that you currently have or new moles that may have developed. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation identifies an unhealthy mole with the “ABCDE” characteristics.