Calm Your Mind: 8 Easy Techniques

2. Take A Walk

Walk… walk… walk…

Get a quick change of scenery and get outdoors to clear your head.  Fresh air and common outdoor distractions can be good for an overworked mind.

Look for a nice park or mall that you can walk nearby. Also, you may want to try this activity early in the morning before you start your day or right after work to help you unwind.

Try to focus on the steps that you take and pay close attention to your breathing during this time.

3. Love On Your Pet

Spending time with a furry friend can be just the break that you need.  Research has found that people with pets tend to have lower heart disease and blood pressure.

Pets can provide comfort almost instantly, which is why there are many medical facilities that incorporate pet therapy for their patients.

Animals are always excited to see you and are non-judgmental.  This may be why they are so great to have around.

4. Detox From Social Media

Social media can keep the mind racing all the time.  With its constant updates of relationship drama, negative news and so on.

Unplug for a while.  Try and minimize your time on social websites daily or even disconnecting altogether for a while.

Doing this may help you calm your mind and gain a deeper connection of what is important in your life.

5. Find Your Happy Place

What thoughts do you have that bring you a sense of peace?

Perhaps it’s someplace you’ve visited or somewhere you’ve been longing to go.  Either way, try and picture yourself in a pleasant and relaxed environment the next time you are dealing with a stressful situation.

Spend as much time in those thoughts that are necessary.

You can even talk about this “peace of paradise” and how wonderful it is to be there to help you with this technique.

6. Journal

Writing out your thoughts is a good way to release what is on your mind.  It doesn’t have to be in complete sentences or have proper punctuation.

Keeping a journal close by can help with organizing thoughts and releasing stress as well as anger.

A positive to way to benefit from journaling is to start the day by journaling about all the things that you are grateful for. 

You may find this to have a very positive effect on easing your thoughts throughout the day.

7. Unwind with Music

Next time you are feeling anxious, turn on some relaxing music to help clear your thoughts.

Certain songs can bring up memories from the past that can give you a great pick me up when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Keep your favorite tunes loaded on your phone or in your CD player so that you can loosen up whenever necessary.

8. Get Some Alone Time

Having a busy day?  Find a quiet space where you can clear your mind for a few minutes.

Just being alone is a great way to regroup and collect your thoughts.

Enjoying a warm bath or a good book are some wonderful activities that can make this time of the day a special treat for you.   

Make “alone time” a habit that you look forward to at the end of the day.