The Importance of Exercise and How to Make It A Daily Routine

You’ll be able to walk more and faster, to do more work and to cope with your day-to-day chores much easier than ever before. All these direct benefits will contribute to improving your quality of life. You won’t need to rest as often as before, so you’ll be able to achieve more within the same amount of time.

According to experts, regular exercise can help regulate blood sugar levels.

This is good news for diabetes sufferers. At the same time, it is good news for everyone, as stable blood sugar helps avoid food cravings and insulin spikes that lead to overeating.

In addition, brisk walking appears to stimulate intestinal transit.

This can be a direct benefit those who suffer from constipation.  Furthermore, a fast metabolism and a better digestion will lead to less bloating and flatulence, even after lavish meals.

Exercise can help you feel better in your body, this being yet another reason why you should make it a habit.  

Losing weight can also be a benefit of regular exercising. However, you should take this statement with a grain of salt. If you make a habit out of overeating after your workouts, you won’t lose weight.

On the contrary, you may start gaining weight, as a result of muscle mass building and of eating more calories than before.

Ideally, you should keep your daily calorie intake at the same level as before you started exercising, in order to lose weight.

The type of workout you choose will have a direct influence on your eating habits.

For example, because swimming is a strenuous exercise and tends to make you hungry.

Therefore, many people who choose swimming as their daily exercise routine don’t lose weight.

Instead, they tend to eat more than necessary, so they can’t lose weight.

If you’re thinking about including swimming in your daily practice, keep tabs on your meals.  If needed, eat a bit more before you go swimming and refrain from having another snack as you return from the pool.

Making exercise part of your daily routine, though, is difficult. Most of us live such busy lives that it is impossible to find one hour per day to allocate working out.

Gym memberships can be expensive and not everyone has the time drive to a gym and workout.

However, these are the excuses that prevents many of us from moving our bodies.

If you want to improve your health and well-being, you need to commit to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Cut your TV time in half and use the remainder to exercise. You may even try to watch your favorite TV shows while squatting or standing.

Apparently, the simple act of standing instead of sitting can help you burn more calories.

Let’s see what kind of plan you could implement to develop and strengthen the habit of exercising every day.

To start with, consider walking more. Park your car farther from your office, so that you can take a few extra steps each day.

This shouldn’t eat up more than ten minutes of your time. Most importantly, find the time to invest in your health.

Carefully monitor your steps and try to increase your daily goal until you reach the healthy limit of 10,000 steps a day recommended by professional healthcare associations and organizations.

Consider taking short breaks from work to move around the office. A few squats can take you a long way, if you stick to doing them each day.

Be creative and find ways of becoming more active without making it feel like a chore.  With passion and motivation, you’ll get where you want.