Is The Paleo Diet Right For You?

The Diet Is Rich in Iron

A lot of diets don’t provide adequate amounts of iron. Low iron can lead to some serious health problems and can even cause anemia.

However, eating this way requires that you to eat large amounts of meat which is packed with iron. If you choose to stick to a diet like this, you may not need to rely on an iron supplement.

The Con:  If you are not a meat eater, then you may want to reconsider eating this way.

Also, look for meats that are low in fat such as lean cuts of chicken, turkey and beef.

Remember, it is strongly suggested that you consult your health care provider when deciding to change your diet or add supplements.

It’s an Effective Way to Lose Weight

As many of us have experienced, losing weight can be very difficult.  Many people who follow diets for a short amount of time can’t lose the weight and keep it off.

Numerous studies have shown that a Paleo diet can aid in weight loss. Because this diet cuts out a lot of foods that lead to weight gain, you’ll be able to shed your extra pounds in a natural and healthy way.

It Helps You Eat Clean

The average person’s diet includes consuming processed foods. This includes refined sugars and dairy.  However, because the Paleo is meant to mirror the way our ancestors ate, no processed foods are to be eaten. 

If you notice, only a small section of the average grocery store is devoted to meat and produce.

The rest of the store, which is usually the middle section, is filled with processed foods.

According to Joe Leech, a clinical dietitian from Sydney, Australia, processed foods are low in fiber, high in sugar, and high in trans-fat.  He further states that eating a diet high in processed foods also causes higher calorie consumption with low nutritional value.

To eliminate these unneeded ingredients from your diet, just follow the rules of the Paleo diet.

It might seem like a big transition at first, but in time, eating cleanly will feel like second nature

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Inflammation is connected to a lot of different health problems.

If you look at the foods that are are allowed, you’ll notice that many of them have anti-inflammatory properties such as berries, spinach, and salmon.

Spices such as tumeric, garlic and ginger are also encourages.

This Is A Popular Diet

And that’s a good thing.  There is no worrying about too many restrictions with this diet because it is a realistic lifestyle change that can easily be adapted.

That’s why following a successful and popular diet like this one can be such a smart choice. You can even join online Paleo communities that are filled with people that can provide you with helpful advice.

No Calorie Counting

When you follow this diet, the number of foods that you’ll be permitted to eat will be limited. However, you’ll be able to eat and feel satisfied. You won’t have to worry about watching your calories closely.

The Paleo diet is simple, fulfilling and an easy way to eat properly.