Plant Based Superfoods That are Easy to Love

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There a few things that all super foods have in common.  They are usually high in nutrients, promote a strong immune system, and are good for overall organ function.

However, not all of them are good to the taste buds.

Well, here are a few super foods that are not only good for you, but naturally tasty on their own.

Broccoli – Just Rinse and Go for it!

This vegetable is a Love That Lady Favorite. No need add any spices to it,  unless you desire a little.

Raw or cooked, broccoli is delicious all by itself or when paired with other foods.

A great benefit is that it contains magnesium which is great for managing high blood pressure and vitamin C.

Sweet Potatoes – No Butter or Cinnamon Necessary

It’s shocking how much manipulation is being done to sweet potatoes when ordering at restaurants.

And don’t be surprised if the waitress asks if you would like butter, brown sugar, honey, marshmallows, cinnamon and any other ingredient to go on top of it.  The million dollar question here is, what for?

It’s already a Sweet Potato…

Sure, it may satisfy a sweet tooth to do this, but sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness all their own and are very nutritious.

So, there is no need to load it up with all the extras.

Not to mention they contain Vitamins A, B 6, and C and are an excellent complex carbohydrate.

Kale – Fresh and Delicious

You are doing your body justice by adding this Superfood to your diet.  It’s light, tasty and so versatile.

Kale is also full of antioxidants  and high in Vitamin K which is very beneficial for overall health.  However, the real bonus is that kale can be used in smoothies, soups and salads… just to name a few.  So eat kale often.

Berries – A Great Snack Anytime

Berries are a great way to maintain your weight while satisfying your sweet tooth. 

They are also a natural sweetener when paired up with yogurt or cereal and are full of nutrients and vitamins.

Try them on top of frozen yogurt or in a smoothie as a way of incorporating them into your diet.

So, load up on strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for a healthy treat.

Spinach – Green Excellence

With a fresh and clean taste, the fact that spinach is great for smoothies, salads and a hot meal, is already Super in itself.

According to the American Heart Association, Spinach is filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals which also contributes to a healthy heart.

Tomatoes – Always a healthy choice

This wondrous fruit is so light and tasty with it’s many varieties.

Other great benefits to eating tomatoes is that they are a great addition to almost any meal

Tomatoes are easy to fill up on because of their high, water content.

But one of the best reasons that tomatoes should remain on your weekly shopping list is they help fight against high cholesterol and promote great health.

So, eat tasty Super foods daily for a healthy body!

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Felicia Veron

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