Stay Beautiful with Face Exercises

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Beauty the Natural Way

Are you aware that the face can be toned and shaped just like the rest of your body?  By exercising these muscles, on your own you can lift the eyebrows, shorten your nose and even slim you cheeks.

That’s right, you have the ability to change your appearance by exercising  and sculpting your facial muscles.  Creating a more vibrant appearance is indeed possible and what’s wonderful about it is… it’s natural.

There’s no downtime involved whatsoever in order to look and feel more beautiful.

Now there are various methods to enhancing the face,  such as facelift surgery, microdermabrasion and Botox injections.

But according to Dr. Mandell DC, a chiropractor in Miami, FL, exercising the face allows us to stimulate and stretch those muscles while increasing blood flow and collagen.

Collagen has been defined as the protein that holds and protects the body.

As the body ages, collagen levels in the body begin to decrease which is why the skin droops and sags.

 Benefits of Face Exercises

A lifted and relaxed forehead… you actually start to become more aware of your facial expressions

Your eyebrows start to lift

Eyes began to look brighter due to the strengthening of the surrounding muscles

Your nose begins to shrink and become narrow

Cheeks become higher and slimmer

Corners of the mouth become relaxed… softening out those frown lines

Chin and jaw line become sleeker and more defined

Neck becomes slimmer due to longer appearance

Skin become more radiant due to increased blood flow and toxin release because of the exercises

You look great and because you look great you feel great

Our faces go through a lot of changes on a daily basis.  The facial muscles go into overdrive every time we talk, think, laugh or frown. Not to mention the fact that our skin is also in constant battle against the elements.

I guess that’s why it’s sometimes surprising and maybe even a little uncomfortable when our long time familiar friend,” the face”, starts to go south on us without our permission.

When age starts to show up, we often want to run from it as fast as we can!

Those new found wrinkles, creases and sagginess may cause us to feel self-conscious about how we look and how others view us.

And if we could return “age” at the local drugstore and replace it with a bottle of “youth”, I’m sure many of us would be standing in line.

So what do we do? Research the newest and hottest face cream that will erase years from our looks?

Or, how about this one?

Pulling your skin back and up… sinking your cheeks… (I’m guilty of this one myself) and thinking… “Now if I could just keep my face right there, I’d be alright”.

Or perhaps, seek out to find something that we can do to make us look more lifted…youthful.. or maybe slow down the aging process.

The invasive method is to have cosmetic surgery or injections to alter your look. The goal for these procedures is to give the patient a more desired appearance.

But why not try the face exercises?

They can be performed just about anywhere and at anytime.  They also help to increase blood flow and tighten muscles and decrease wrinkles.

Best of all, you get to keep your money in your pocket on this deal because it won’t cost a thing to do them.

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